Meet the Leader: Getting to Know Katie Mullen, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer

Katherine Mullen, although she’s never actually gone by Katherine – it’s always been Katie joined JCPenney in January as the newly appointed chief digital and transformation officer (CDO). “I wear a lot of hats,” said Mullen, “I’m a leader in significantly growing the e-commerce business and a problem-solver in the transformation and digital enablement of the organization.”

To help meet ever-evolving consumer preferences, Mullen drives the Company’s strategy and transformation agenda to innovate how customers experience JCPenney. Mullen, who previously served as chief digital officer at Neiman Marcus Group, is no stranger to the role and what it entails.

She says she has always been excited for the future of JCPenney. “I was blown away with what the team at JCPenney has been able to accomplish over the past two years,” Mullen said. “For me, it was about wanting to be a part of this moment.”

But Mullen says her path to her current role wasn’t always straightforward. In fact, she notes it wasn’t traditional at all. “My first job was actually at a homeless shelter,” Mullen recalls. “I spent a long time, early in my life, in social services. I also worked in public education for many years.” It was there that she found her passion for problem solving. “I’m a numbers person,” she joked. “I believe that just because there’s a one or a zero on a page, it doesn’t mean that’s the final answer. That stuff is super exciting to me!”

And JCPenney is just as excited to have Mullen on the team! We look forward to sharing how Mullen and her team are supporting JCPenney in its next chapter. Keep an eye on this space!

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