Write Your Own Love Story with Modern Bride at JCPenney

At JCPenney – the shopping destination for America’s diverse, working families – we believe every unique love story is beautiful and worth celebrating. Our Modern Bride collections have everything you need to sparkle and shine on your special day.

Fine Jewelry for Your Special Occasion
We understand these are the special moments you’ll remember forever. From promise to engagement, and wedding to anniversary, Modern Bride has the perfect fine jewelry for any occasion. With over 5,000 items to choose from within our collections; Signature by Modern Bride, Love Lives Forever, Promise My Love, and more, there is something for everyone, with every budget in mind.

Modern Bride at JCPenney
We know how important quality is to our customers. Modern Bride features a mix of stunning lab-grown and natural, mined diamonds in several cuts and styles. Our lab-grown diamonds are virtually identical to natural diamonds in appearance and cost a fraction of the price of natural diamonds. Made by technology that simulates the natural geological process, lab-grown diamonds are created using the same chemical makeup as earth stones.

Shop Modern Bride in stores and online now.

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