Meet the Leader: Shenece Johns, Senior Director of JCPenney’s Inclusion and Diversity Team

At JCPenney, Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) is a crucial part in building on our commitment to serve and celebrate the diverse working American families. This starts with our dedicated, hardworking associates. 

“When I look across the organization and see the diversity that exists today, I am pleasantly surprised,” said Shenece Johns, Head of Inclusion and Diversity. “Sometimes as a Black woman, you don’t always feel welcome at the table or in the room. Trust yourself, trust your gut. You belong at the table, and you deserve that seat.” 

Senior Director Shenece Johns joined the JCPenney Human Resources team in 2022. Having grown up in a military family, she feels especially close to the Company’s purpose. 

“We didn’t have a lot of money. For me and my family, JCPenney was a next-level shopping experience. It was where we bought our Christmas presents and shopped for special occasions,” said Shenece. “My grandmother and mother never could have imagined that I would be in the role I’m in today at JCPenney, and I am humbled.” 

In her youth, she always thought she would be a flight attendant because of her love for travel and seeing the world through art, music, and literature. Though, her passion for people and different cultures can be seen throughout her tenured career in consulting, oversight, and leadership within I&D.  

“My role at JCPenney combines all the things that I love,” said Shenece. “There is so much opportunity in this next chapter as a company where inclusion and diversity play a huge part. We want JCPenney to be a place where people can thrive, grow, and develop – a place where people feel like they belong.” 

JCPenney is honored to have Shenece Johns on board during this exciting time of transition, growth, and opportunity. For more information on JCPenney’s inclusion and diversity efforts you can contact 

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