Honoring Women’s History with Hope & Wonder

Led by the JCPenney Creative Coalition, we are proud to introduce the next Hope & Wonder capsule collection in honor of Women’s History Month.

Women’s History Month started as a weeklong celebration organized by the school district of Sonoma, California in 1978. The celebration gained popularity until March 8 was officially declared “National Women’s History Week” by President Jimmy Carter in 1980. Seven years later, with the help of the National Women’s History Project, U.S. Congress passed a resolution that expanded the celebration to the entire month of March. Today, Women’s History Month is dedicated to the many contributions women have made to all aspects of U.S. history – from astronaut and physicist Sally Ride, the first American woman in space in 1978, to nurse and innovator Marie Van Britten Brown, the inventor of the first home security system.

How JCPenney is honoring Women’s History Month

Following a theme of leading without limits, the Hope & Wonder Women’s History Month collection aims to commemorate women’s leadership and achievements. Our designs in the collection, available for women and children, proudly display the phrases “yes women can” and “yes girls can.”

“These mottos mean that my daughter and other girls like her, have the potential and capability to achieve anything they set their minds to,” shares Senior Design Director and Creative Coalition member Brandi Wallace. “It is a reminder to always encourage and support girls in pursuing their dreams and ambitions, no matter how big or small they may be.”

Several associates and their families played an active part in this collection by participating in the photoshoot, including:

  • Marketing Director Jennifer Stern and her daughter, Finley
  • Vice President of Human Resources Gabrelle Martin and her daughter, Taylor
  • Product Development Designer Angela Boxdell and her daughters, Isabella and London
  • Creative Advertising Art Director Lina Trujillo Arango
  • Chief Merchandising Officer Michelle Wlazlo
  • SVP and General Merchandising Manager Lauren Tessaro
  • Sourcing Production Senior Specialist Amy Portales

JCPenney Beauty will also take part in the celebration with a limited-edition beauty box featuring a variety of women-owned and founded brands, available to purchase in stores and online.

100% of profits from the sale of Hope & Wonder Women’s History Month shirts will be donated to JA (Junior Achievement) Worldwide, a youth-focused nonprofit organization that provides hands-on, immersive learning in work readiness, financial health, entrepreneurship, sustainability, STEM, economics and more to over seven million girls and young women around the world each year.

“We are thrilled to welcome JA Worldwide as our partner for the 2023 Hope & Wonder Women’s History Month collection,” explains Kendra Agnew, region 3 district manager and WINGS business resource team (BRT) chair. “As JCPenney’s only international BRT with branches in our India and Asia offices, the WINGS team looks forward to working closely with JA Worldwide in providing young women around the world with the skills they need to succeed, and learning how JCPenney associates can actively support these efforts.”

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