Meet the Leader: Michelle Sing, Head of Communications and Philanthropy

With inclusivity at its core, JCPenney strives to authentically engage and connect with its communities and customers. The communications and philanthropy teams play a crucial role in building JCPenney’s brand and reputation through impactful storytelling and critical stakeholder engagement.

“There are so many amazing stories waiting to be told,” said Michelle Sing, Head of Communications and Philanthropy at JCPenney. “From exciting collaborations on the horizon to a soon-to-be announced multi-year partnership with a leading nonprofit organization – JCPenney continues to show up for our customers and communities in ways that really make a difference.”

Michelle guides JCPenney’s internal and external communication strategies and oversees the Company’s philanthropic efforts and activations. About 14 months into her role, Michelle says she is honored to be a part of JCPenney’s transformation story.

“The opportunity to help shape and share the story of JCPenney’s next chapter is exciting,” said Michelle. “Whether that’s highlighting the important work powering our transformation momentum or amplifying our support of diverse audiences through brands like Hope and Wonder, my goal is to create a sense of belonging to the brand through storytelling, strategic partnerships and authentic community and associate engagement.

Her background and experience in journalism has helped Michelle lead with curiosity, embrace storytelling and connect the dots to help shape a cohesive narrative.

A key lesson that has shaped Michelle’s career is recognizing you can lead from wherever you are, regardless of title or rank. “I’ve tried to embrace that mindset throughout my career,” said Michelle. “Too often we miss out on an opportunity because we don’t think it’s our place, so we don’t ask or seize the moment, but we each have the power to create positive change.”

JCPenney is thrilled to have Michelle Sing onboard during this exciting time of transformation. To learn more about JCPenney’s Communications or Philanthropic efforts, you can reach out to

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