Most-loved Beauty Essentials by Nyakio Grieco

Beauty entrepreneur Nyakio Grieco, Thirteen Lune and Relevant: Your Skin Seen, highlights her top industry picks for fresh looks and clean skin all year round, available at JCPenney Beauty. Click here to watch all of Grieco’s favorite product hauls, and see what else is new and happening at JCPenney Beauty!
Mintty Makeup Treatment Lip Duo $24.99 This lip duo includes thirteen lune’s Mintty Makeup’s signature moisturizing matte lipstick and infinite edge lip liner. The lipstick + liner match perfectly, and with five amazing matte shades, you’re bound to find your perfect color! Treamintt lip duos are infused with kindness and empathy, blended from a bold black/trans/queer point of view, and delivered with the perfect pop of pure drama every face needs to be truly fabulous. Buy now at

Mintty Makeup Empowermintt Eyeshadow Palette $29.99 Minttymakeup is infused with kindness and empathy, blended from a bold black/ trans/queer point of view, and delivered with the perfect pop of pure drama every face needs to be truly fabulous. Avaliable here at
Allies Of Skin 35 Percent Vitamin C Perfecting Serum $144 This daily formula enhances radiance and forms a protective shield against photoaging damage and pollutants while paving the way for brighter, firmer skin. Over time, skin is plumped and glows with a brilliant smoothness. Its waterless base ensures that this formula stays clear and potent. Due to its unique waterless nature, it may feel ‘oily’ for a few seconds to some. However, it is oil-free and the oily feeling will dissipate quickly. Shop now at
Afropick Harlem $18 Harlem holds a special place in Black history. During the decades of the Great Migration, Harlem provided the fertile soil in which Black culture in America was able to blossom. The vibrant colors within this design speak to the lively energy that arrived in the neighborhoods of Harlem – to the passion that led to one of the greatest revivals in Black culture. Shop all things haircare with JCPenney Beauty at
Kadalys Organic Pure Melt Cleansing Gel-In-Oil $40.50 Melt away impurities and makeup with this soothing gel-to-milk facial cleanser starring our yellow banana bio-active for supreme nourishment. Featuring antioxidant and fatty acid-rich ingredients like avocado and muscat rose oil, the cleansing formula cleanses deeply while protecting the skin’s moisture barrier for a soft, plump finish. Shop this and more with JCPenney Beauty at
Sundree Cooling Facial Globe $14 Soothe inflamed skin, shrink pores, and de-puff with our cooling facial tool, hand-blown with high-quality glass and filled with biodegradable gel. Shop this and more skincare tools at here.
Glosshood Lip Gloss Balm $22.22 All-in-one lip-gloss that adds shine and hydration for bare lips or over lipstick. Available at

Shaz & Kiks Back to Your Roots Scalp And Prewash For Fine; Thin To Medium Hair $38 This product is part of thirteen lune, 90% of their brands are created by BIPOC founders who create products for people of all colors. 10% are brands that exemplify allyship to incite meaningful change beyond beauty. Buy now at JCPenney Beauty online here.
Switch2Pure Wash: This Body Cleanser $35 This complete cleanser is loaded with naturally and refreshingly simple ingredients to deeply cleanse the body while feeding the skin to help it balance, clear and stay hydrated. Available for purchase at JCPenney Beauty here.

Madame Gabriella Lipstick – Paris at 7pm $35 This luminous award-winning, satin formula is redefining ingredient-driven beauty. Infused with healing antibacterial honey, shea butter, avocado, sunflower and rosemary oils (for a dose of rich nutrients that support collagen production and minimize skin wrinkles) in addition to the soothing effect of chamomile flowers, bergamot and ylang ylang. Shop Madame Gabriela at JCPenney Beauty here.
Joanna Vargas Forever Glow Mask Singles $17 Formulated to help prolong a youthful appearance, this hydrating face mask instantly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with metabolism-boosting and antioxidant-rich ingredients, this bamboo sheet mask delivers age-defying, glowing skin. Shop Joanna Vargas skincare at JCPenney Beauty here.
About Nyakio Grieco; Beauty Entrepreneur and Thirteen Lune co-founder Nyakio Grieco, a beauty entrepreneur who advocates for clean and inclusive beauty, suitable for all skin types, tones and needs, has spent more than 20 years in the beauty industry. Her trusted voice and deep understanding of clean beauty has earned her top industry awards, including Fashion Group International Rising Star Award for “New Retail Concept.” Her latest endeavor, Relevant: Your Skin Seen, offers an everyday cream that replaces daily sunscreen, moisturizer, serum and primer.
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