JCPenney’s Investment in Alliance for a Healthier Generation Enhanced by Additional Company Giving

In July 2023, JCPenney, in partnership with the JCPenney Communities Foundation, announced a $300,000 donation to support The Walking Classroom, a program of Alliance for a Healthier Generation (Healthier Generation).

The Walking Classroom is an award-winning, evidence-based program that combines educational content with healthy habits. With nearly 200 unique podcasts on a variety of academic subjects, the program has been essential to bridging learning gaps. JCPenney is proud to be the first national sponsor of The Walking Classroom.

As JCPenney rounds out the first year of this partnership, the Company shares some updates on the unique ways it supports students and teachers including giving away over $60,000 in JCPenney Cash Pass coupons for select schools across the country that received the first round of audio devices from The Walking Classroom known as “WalkKits.” 

America’s Healthiest Schools Leaders Summit

In October 2023, JCPenney was recognized at Healthier Generation’s annual America’s Healthiest Schools Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., for funding The Walking Classroom’s first national rollout. Many of America’s Healthiest Schools use The Walking Classroom to meet their goals of making schools places where all kids can thrive and grow in physical and mental wellness.

Healthier Generation CEO Kathy Higgins joined JCPenney head of Communications and Philanthropy, Michelle Sing, in front of The Walking Classroom display.

Cash Pass Coupons for America’s Teachers

In November, JCPenney donated over $60,000 in Cash Pass coupons to the first 25 schools to receive The Walking Classroom WalkKits. Each school received $2,500 in the cash-equivalent coupons to invest in teachers and students as they see fit. Schools benefiting from the WalkKits and Cash Pass coupons are found in JCPenney communities across the country.

New Coats for Plano ISD Students

The Plano,Texas Independent School District was a recipient of first round WalkKits and  $7,500 in Cash Pass coupons, $2,500 for each of the three district elementary school afterschool programs that received WalkKits. Plano ISD used a portion of the contributions to purchase new coats for students. With winter approaching, district teachers, realizing the kids would be outside for The Walking Classroom, wanted to be sure everyone had what they needed to be comfortable. The Cash Pass coupons were a timely addition to the program so all the kids could be properly attired for learning on the move.

A representative from Plano ISD Student, Family and Community Services Department, Sharon Bradley, recently shared about the impact The Walking Classroom and the Cash Pass coupons had for her students.

Here in Plano ISD, we are off to a great start with The Walking Classroom! The students are welcoming the new change in their afterschool program routine.

We used some of the JCPenney Cash Pass coupons to buy jackets, coats and gloves for students who may not have had cold weather gear on chilly days. They were so appreciative!

We are so grateful for our growing partnership with JCPenney that will change the overall wellness of our students and the way they learn.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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