Meet the Leader: Jo Osborne, Senior Executive of JCPenney Beauty and General Merchandise Manager

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October marked the one-year anniversary of JCPenney Beauty’s expansion into more than 600 stores nationwide and online. A leader in this exciting achievement is Senior Executive and General Merchandise Manager (GMM) of Beauty and Salons, Jo Osborne. With a passion for beauty and proven track record of driving success, Jo works to enhance the JCPenney Beauty space through brand positioning and customer understanding.

“The power and capabilities that JCPenney Beauty has within the beauty space is truly remarkable,” said Jo Osborne. “I never stop thinking about who our customer is and how we can best support her, him or they.”

Jo believes in the JCPenney Beauty customer for many reasons. One being that she understands what it feels like to make sacrifices for her family. In 2023, Jo and her husband and two young boys made the move to North Texas all the way from the United Kingdom – with no relatives in the United States.

“It was a leap, but we are so excited to be here and on this new and exciting journey together,” said Jo.

Now in Texas full-time, Jo has rolled up her sleeves and has been hard at work building up the JCPenney Beauty brand and bringing Salon along on the journey. Her vision of inclusivity within the space and passion for connecting with customers aligns with JCPenney’s mission to make everybody feel seen and celebrated. Its why Jo is a champion for partnerships that amplify JCPenney Beauty.

Most recently, JCPenney partnered with the Dallas Cowboys to celebrate cancer survivors. The five guests, deemed the Five Star Survivors of cancer, were pampered and treated to a day at the Salon and JCPenney Beauty. I have been fortunate enough to see the brilliant side of my mother’s recovery with breast cancer,” Jo said. “But there are still so many women struggling to get treatment. That’s why we’ve continued our partnership with HairToStay for a second year, to show our dedication in helping cancer patients afford the care they need.”

In addition to JCPenney Beauty and Salon, Jo also oversees Center Core. This includes footwear, handbags and accessories. 

“I’ve always had a passion for the world of beauty and department stores. Beauty is about enhancing your self-esteem, building up confidence and just feeling all around special,” said Jo. “If we as a brand can do that for every customer who walks through JCPenney Beauty and our stores, then I’ve done my job.”

Previously senior vice president for beauty and centre core at Hudson’s Bay and on the board as director overseeing beauty and concessions at Harvey Nichols, JCPenney is proud to have Jo Osborne as a leader within the JCPenney Beauty space. To learn more about JCPenney Beauty and its partnerships, you can reach out to

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